Inadequate Security

Lets face it, the world is a violent place. Nobody asks for violence to occur while at their home or in a public place, but it will happen to you or someone you know. If there has been a history of violent activity in a location, the owner of a property will sometimes be required to take precautionary measures in order to prevent those kinds of incidents from happening. In certain locations, such as near ATM machines or the parking lots of malls and commercial stores, that have a history of criminal activity, it is incumbent upon the property owners and managers to take appropriate and necessary steps to ensure the safety of people lawfully invited onto the premises.

Most people are unaware that they may receive monetary compensation through the civil justice system when there is injury or death as a result of a preventable criminal attack.
Any property owner including businesses, landlords, homeowners or even government agencies, and possibly others associated with the property, may be held legally liable for failing to protect its visitors, renters or customers. Inadequate security is not just a failure to hire a security guard or the failure to have a security system. Others include:

  • Insufficient lighting in areas known to be dangerous
  • Negligence by guards 
  • Failure to monitor security cameras 

Because of the nature of violent crime, inadequate security injuries in New Jersey are frequently serious and traumatic injuries such as physical or sexual assault, some resulting in wrongful death. These are serious, life-changing injuries that can leave victims permanently disabled and emotionally traumatized after being the victim of violence. They can also be very detrimental to the victim; resulting in thousands of dollars in medical bills. An inadequate security lawsuit can help victims recover those and other expenses caused by the failure of a property owner to ensure your safety.