In early March, multiple news networks downplayed the significance of the pandemic and labeled it a “political hoax” meant to harm certain politicians in office. Now, those same networks have acknowledged that by doing so they face potential lawsuits by people who heeded this “advice.” Business owners now face the very real possibility that […]

Governor Murphy announced yesterday that the state has agreed with major financial institutions for a 90 day grace period for mortgage payments effective immediately. Financial institutions will offer, consistent with applicable guidelines, mortgage payment forbearances of up to 90 days to borrowers economically impacted by COVID-19. In addition, those institutions will: 1. Provide borrowers a […]

Business interruption insurance, sometimes referred to as business income insurance, is a type of insurance that protects the loss of income a business may suffer as a result of a disaster. This is different than property insurance, which protects physical damage to the premises where the business is located. Business interruption insurance is usually a […]

Virtual Resources for Families Please click on the link above for a list of free virtual learning resources for families.

Governor Murphy and Attorney General Grewal announced that people who violate the stay at home order will be subject to criminal prosecution. From disorderly persons offenses to fourth, third, and even second degree crimes, people who do not have a legitimate basis for being outside may be arrested and/or charged. If you or a loved […]

NJ Property Tax Appeal Deadline Extended

Your property may be ripe for the filing of a tax appeal against the municipal taxing district where the property is located. Of important note, the New Jersey Supreme Court has entered an Order extending the usual filing deadline of April 1, 2020 to the later of May 1, 2020 or to 30 days following […]

The New Jersey Supreme Court has issued an order to release certain types of inmates from correctional facilities effective immediately. The order, which goes into effect immediately, orders the release of inmates serving time as a result of a condition of probation or a municipal court offense. The order instructs the county jails to release […]

Price Meese, P.C. stands ready to assist our clients in weathering the COVID-19 crisis. In the coming days, weeks and months new legislation will be enacted and executive orders issued to help businesses and individuals affected by this emergency. To help you navigate this raft of policy responses, the firm has put together an overview […]

Family Law practice is now providing virtual consultations

Aaron Cohen isproviding virtual consultations via We recently completed a mediation using the zoom website and is ready to accommodate your mediation or arbitration needs ASAP. The Family Law Group is committed to serve our current clients and potential clients in these uncertain times. If you need advice from an attorney concerning parenting time […]

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