Practice Areas

The attorneys at Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, PC, are able to provide a full range of services with recognized leaders and innovators in the areas of law:

        • Banking & Foreclosure

          Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio is frequently called upon by major regional and non-institutional lenders for the diverse services we offer in connection with real estate, asset-based, construction and term loans and refinancings. We are experienced in both secured and unsecured debt financings. When necessary, we work with the attorneys in our Commercial Litigation or Bankruptcy/Creditors Rights departments to represent lenders in the restructuring or modification of delinquent loans, or assist in negotiating new loans to resolve a particular problem.

          Additionally, we are often retained as local counsel by out of state financial institutions, insurance companies and other lenders to provide advice as to local law, particularly in connection with property-based transactions. We also represent mortgage companies in terms of their lending and litigation needs and furnish advice to lenders in connection with regulatory, employment, environmental and real estate law matters. One area which evidences how we are a full service law firm is found in our land use attorneys who are called upon to represent many local area banks with respect to their branch office expansions as well as in their construction lending activities.

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        • Bankruptcy/Creditor’s Rights

          Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio provides comprehensive representation of lenders and creditors in all aspects of creditors’ rights law. Our extensive experience in this area of commercial law gives us the ability to advise clients fully of their rights and obligations under state law and the federal bankruptcy code.

          The Firm counsels secured and unsecured creditors, including leading financial institutions, commercial and residential mortgage lenders, automobile financing companies and title insurance companies. We advise many business owners of their rights as trade creditors, landlords and equipment lessors, when an insolvent debtor affects them. Our full range of services includes the representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, collection matters, commercial and residential foreclosures, replevin actions, landlord-tenant actions, receivership proceedings, assignments for the benefit of creditors, creditors’ compositions and loan work-outs.

          Our bankruptcy attorneys have experience in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania representing creditors’ interests in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. These services include representation in filing proof of claims, prosecuting automatic stay motions, opposing confirmation of Chapter 13 plans, reviewing and monitoring Chapter 11 plans and disclosure statements, negotiating reaffirmation agreements, defending preference actions, filing non-dischargeability actions and involuntary petitions. We also participate in the supervision of reorganizations and debt restructuring in order to fully protect our clients’ interests in the bankrupt estate.

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        • Business and Corporate Law

          The Firm’s Business and Corporate practice assists a broad range of businesses, whether sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, or small to Fortune 100 companies our attorneys assist business owners and management in finding creative solutions to their business concerns while emphasizing cost effective representation to ensure the continued growth of the business entity.

          Business Entity Formation and Registration

          Our Business & Corporate Law Group forms and registers legal entities on an almost daily basis for our clients. We consult with our clients, and when necessary, their accountants and financial consultants, in determining the most beneficial entity for the proposed business. We prepare corporate governance documents, buy-sell agreements and other formation documents, as well as employment and other agreements, and offer guidance with respect to client operational documentation, including standard terms and conditions, warranties and terms of sale. Our attorneys also address trademark issues in conjunction with company formation to ensure your business ideas are protected. We also advise our clients with respect to the required reporting to local, state, and federal agencies and how to structure their companies to minimize individual and parent company liability exposure.

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        • Commercial Leases

          Commercial leases have become increasingly complex and demand experienced attorneys who can not only properly advise their clients about the terms, but also negotiate them. Whether you are a commercial property owner or a prospective tenant looking for the right space to fit your business, we have the knowledge and experience to navigate you through a complicated sea of terms and language. Our attorneys can assist you in taking the following steps:

          Understanding the market

          Whether you are a landlord or tenant you have to know your market and what the average cost of the type of commercial space you’re seeking—retail, office or industrial. We can assist you in studying the market landscape to better understand what the market rate should be in your particular area and for the particular size of the space you seek to lease.

          Getting the terms right

          You will have to consider a lot of things in determining whether the space is right for your, such as utilities, infrastructure, parking, storage, accessibility to major highways, and in some cases the amount of weight that can be placed onto a specific floor. We can help you in creating a checklist of your needs and wants to ensure compliance with the structure, local, state and federal regulations, etc. We listen to your needs to ensure that any proposed lease is going to be right for your business to grow.

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        • Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

          Commercial litigation is the centerpiece of the Firm’s trial practice. We understand that resolving business problems through litigation requires an ongoing evaluation process – a constant analysis of risk versus reward. It is not surprising, therefore, that when corporate counsel, owners of small and medium-sized businesses, financial institutions, real estate professionals, family businesses and individuals seek legal assistance for their issues, they look for business-minded lawyers who view litigation not as a process with a life of its own, but as a means to resolve problems efficiently, with tangible results.

          The attorneys of Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio have the background necessary for effective representation of clients in any type of civil litigation, whether before the state or federal courts of New Jersey and New York, as supervising counsel in other state litigation, or in front of the various administrative, arbitrative and alternative dispute resolution tribunals.

          Our commercial litigators have a depth of experience in the following areas, among others:

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        • Community Associations Law

          The representation of community associations such as condominiums, cooperatives and other planned unit developments has become increasingly more sophisticated as the courts and the New Jersey legislature have sought to regulate this area of the law.

          At Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, PC, we have extensive experience in representing community associations, developers and individual owners in all facets of this complex field.
          Our Community Association Group, which is headed by William D. Bierman and Thomas C. Martin, concentrates in the following community association-related areas:

          • General counseling for all types of community associations as counsel to the association or on individual issues involving such matters as transition from the sponsor
          • Master Deed and By-Law review and changes; consultation on capital improvements; negotiating and drafting contracts
          • Supervision and collection of maintenance accounts
          • Compliance with administrative rules and regulation
          • Litigation involving actions concerning sponsors and developers
          • Complex construction matters
          • Defense of community associations from actions brought by unit owners
          • Obtaining insurance coverage on behalf of associations and general litigation involving community associations.
          • Bankruptcy and creditors’ rights actions on behalf of associations.
          • Real estate related matters including zoning, variances, assessments, real estate tax appeals and environmental matters.
          • Administrative law and representing associations before State agencies.
          • Representing sponsors and developers in establishing community associations; drafting community association documents; and addressing the overall conversion process.

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        • Criminal Law

          Our criminal defense team consists of experienced trial attorneys who have appeared before federal, state, and administrative agencies in New York, New Jersey, and other jurisdictions. Often the best defense consists of an active investigation from the point of being retained to effectively accumulate evidence and formulate a defense that can mean the difference between being found guilty or innocent.

          Our team assists with defense of the following charges (click below to read more):

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        • Education Law

          Special Education Law

          Our practice includes special education attorneys and a special education paralegal who advocates for our clients. We represent clients in New Jersey and New York. We understand the complexities of obtaining special education services from both personal and professional experience. We provide advice and counsel from infancy through adulthood. We provide parents with knowledge of their procedural and substantive rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA), and the New Jersey regulations implementing IDEA’s provisions in both public and private schools. Additionally, we review each child’s individual records, evaluation reports, planning reports, eligibility conference statements, and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to provide parents with an accurate assessment of the services available to their child under these special education laws. Our goal is to help parents become more effective advocates for their children in addition to ensuring their rights are protected. We also provide parents, students, college students and adults in the workplace with advice and counsel regarding their rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (“Section 504”). Section 504 is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. This law applies to public schools, colleges and the work place and we assist parents, students and adults with obtaining rights under Section 504 in all these forums.

          In connection with our representation of clients with special education needs our professionals:

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        • Employment Law

          Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, PC has an established employment law department that is experienced in all facets of employment law, having represented many employers as well as employees in a multitude of settings, and in implementing policies and procedures to proactively prevent problems from developing. Our expertise will help you in the following areas:

          • Discrimination claims — Our attorneys have represented parties involving allegations of unlawful employment discrimination based on race or national origin, sex or gender, religion, age, disability, pregnancy, and sexual orientation.
          • Harassment — Employees cannot be subjected to an unlawful hostile work environment. Employers must act reasonably in preventing such a hostile work environment from existing. Our attorneys identify factors and provide counsel to protect against a hostile work environment.
          • Retaliation and whistleblowing — Employees who report what they believe to be unlawful activities at the workplace may be entitled to special protections under law. The Conscientious Employee Protection Act has been the subject of numerous lawsuits. Our experienced attorneys have defended and prosecuted these types of cases.
          • Severance packages — We advise both employees and employers on severance issues to maximize the best interests of our clients, and to ensure compliance with existing contracts and the law.
          • Family and Medical Leave Act — We advocate for employees who need time off for personal or family medical crises or who face retaliation for asserting their lawful right to time off.
          • Fraud, misrepresentation and breach— Our firm litigates on behalf of parties who have suffered economic loss due to fraud or misrepresentation. These types of actions can include embezzlement, misrepresentations during employment contract negotiations, and economic losses due to a party’s breach of an employment contract.
          • Employment contracts — Our attorneys review, prepare, and sometimes negotiate employment contracts for high-level through mid-level executives and others.

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        • Environmental Law

          Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio is involved in all facets of environmental counseling, permitting and related litigation. Our attorneys secure permits for all environmental matters affecting land development, including wetlands, stream encroachment, waterfront development, septic and sewer permits, storm water discharge and related matters.

          We also counsel residential and commercial builders and developers on the requirements of state and federal environmental law, including the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA), Underground Storage of Hazardous Substances Act, Spill Act, Comprehensive Environmental Response and Liability Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The Firm often represents purchasers and sellers of real estate, as well as lenders, for industrial and contaminated properties and litigates cost recovery actions on behalf of property owners that have undergone site remediation as a result of contamination caused by others. We also advise clients concerning potential liability under state and federal laws for the costs of remediating hazardous substances, and we work with our clients and other technical professionals in navigating the remediation process.

          In addition, we have successfully obtained insurance indemnification and reimbursement of claims arising from the contamination of land and groundwater, leaking underground storage tanks, industrial activities and other toxic spills. Our services for developers include guidance through the regulatory maze governing the redevelopment of tainted property, and assistance in reclaiming brownfields.

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        • Franchise Law

          The attorneys at Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, PC, are experienced franchise attorneys who are called upon to represent franchisees on a regular basis. During the business formation phase, our clients often review all options available to them which includes joining a franchise or distributorship that has a nationally recognized brand. For the franchisee or distributee this brings an already established marketing, name recognition, and customer base. Obviously, it is enticing to start with an established name on day one simply by signing an agreement with a franchisor or distributor, but it just as important that our client is fully familiar with all of the potential issues, such as fees, brand standards, quality assurance controls, and other rights and obligations that come with such a relationship.

          In any situation where our clients are considering joining a franchise or distributorship, we are prepared to run them through all of the issues to first help them determine whether it is a good business decision, and then to aid them in negotiating the terms of the franchise agreement. In such situations, clients can expect to be handed a standard franchise agreement that every potential franchisee receives and a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC). It takes an experienced franchise law attorney to know which terms are set in stone, which terms are negotiable, what provisions and protections can be added, and most importantly, which sections seem innocent, but are often the largest problem for the franchisee once they are actually operating the business.

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        • Land Use, Zoning, and Real Estate Development

          Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio has earned an outstanding reputation in the field of land use and real estate development. The Firm represents many international and national corporations, local businesses, real estate developers and homebuilders in securing government approvals for projects in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our attorneys have secured approvals for:

          • Supermarket and shopping centers
          • Cellular telephone and other telecommunications facilities
          • Restaurants
          • Service stations
          • Medical complexes and hospitals
          • Nursing homes, assisted living and congregate care facilities
          • Nursery schools and day care centers
          • Hotels
          • Industrial buildings
          • Recreational facilities
          • Residential developments
          • Office buildings
          • Retail centers
          • Mixed use developments

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        • Outdoor Advertising

          The attorneys of Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, P.C. have a long history of counseling the outdoor advertising industry. Since 1982, Louis L. D’Arminio, the head of the outdoor advertising group, has represented several outdoor advertising companies and has provided extensive permitting work for major outdoor advertising companies in New Jersey.

          As special counsel to the New Jersey Outdoor Advertising Association, Mr. D’Arminio assisted in the overhaul of the New Jersey Outdoor Advertising Act and related administrative regulations and played a major role in the drafting of those revisions, as well as the drafting and implementation of the recently enacted Vegetation Canopy Management Regulations. His work in outdoor advertising spans the entire scope of industry issues. In addition to obtaining local approvals and pursuing associated litigation and appeals, Mr. D’Arminio and other attorneys in the Firm have defended condemnation claims and negotiated relocations; pursued administrative actions before the Office of Administrative Law against the New Jersey Department of Transportation; and prosecuted appeals seeking non-conforming use protection and tax exemptions for outdoor signs. In addition, the Firm has filed state licensing and permit applications, drafted outdoor advertising lease forms and provisions, resolved company-landlord leasing disputes and participated in the purchase, sale and financing of outdoor advertising companies.

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        • Real Estate

          Commercial Real Estate Services for Businesses and Individuals

          The attorneys at Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, PC, assist businesses as well as individuals in the buying, selling, transferring, developing, or redeveloping, as well as refinancing of commercial real property . These services include assistance in the development of commercial, office, warehouse, shopping center and multifamily residential properties; the purchase, sale and refinancing of such properties; and the associated leasing transactions. Our attorneys assist clients through all aspects of the transaction, from the initial review and negotiation of the contract of purchase and sale, remediation of environmental contamination, confirming the accuracy of property surveys, reviewing and, when necessary, clearing title, reviewing and negotiating lending documents, and, ultimately, attending the closing. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting with transactions involving joint ventures and other multiparty ownership, 1031 like-kind property exchanges and both bankruptcy and consensual workouts involving real estate. We handle matters such matters within New Jersey and New York (including New York City) and, on occasion, in other jurisdictions with the assistance of local counsel.

          Related Legal Issues in Commercial and Residential Real Estate

          Our experienced real estate practice works closely with our environmental law practice, land use and zoning, litigation, leasing, and telecommunications groups. Thus, when issues arise the strength of our combined knowledge and experience results in our clients expectations being not only met, but exceeded. Very often our attorneys are referred to new clients by past clients based upon our concise and relatively inexpensive solutions to legal issues. Our real estate attorneys help clients navigate these ancillary issues affecting their properties and business operations, and when necessary, bring in our other practices to offer additional insight to ensure common goals are achieved.

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        • Tax, Trusts and Estates

          Business Succession Planning

          Closely-held business owners and professional practices face tax, legal and other challenges when working to pass a business to family members or the next generation of owners, whether they be partners, key employees or third party purchasers. The collective experience of the Firm’s trusts and estates planning, corporate, real estate, franchise and employment law groups makes Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, P.C. fully adept at guiding our clients and their other advisers, through all aspects of the business succession planning process.

          Whether an owner’s intended plan is the successful transfer of the business or practice at death or retirement, or a liquidating stock or asset sale, the Firm’s years of experience employing a multi-disciplinary approach affords our clients with comprehensive business, employment, real estate, estate and tax law services, including:

          • Implementing shareholder, partnership and limited liability company agreements
          • Drafting and implementing compensation arrangements between business owners and key employees
          • Designing buy-sell and restrictive stock agreements
          • Strategic planning including estate planning, tax reduction strategies and estate and gift tax implications of gifts or sales of business interests
          • Restructuring entities, coordinating mergers and acquisitions, and implementing recapitalizations, including the use of preferred interests or voting and non-voting stock
          • Drafting life insurance trusts and corporate split-dollar agreements
          • Updating business owner estate plans to be coordinated with the succession plan and accounting for equalization of Inheritances among other beneficiaries where intended
          • Implementing income tax-deferred like-kind exchanges and reverse 1031 exchanges, and advising on the reinvestment of sale proceeds in replacement properties, Delaware Statutory Trusts or Qualified Opportunity Zone investments
          • Advice as to obtaining the benefit of Section 1202 stock

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        • Telecommunications

          The Firm provides legal services to all major wireless telecommunications carriers in connection with leasing, zoning and litigation matters. We secure zoning and environmental permits and approvals for national wireless carriers, AM radio, low latency microwave networks, satellite dish and other antenna facilities in New York and New Jersey. The firm regularly represents these companies in state and federal court to reverse variance denials, defend application approvals or challenge overly burdensome regulations.

          The representation of our telecommunications clients requires extensive knowledge of the technical requirements for these communications systems and networks, combined with a command of the legal framework for the approval of such facilities. One of the Firm’s principals, Greg Meese, has written extensively on the zoning of telecommunications facilities. His work has appeared in the national zoning treatise published by Matthew Bender & Company, titled Zoning and Land Use Control. He has also lectured on telecommunications issues, was the Special Editor of the June 1999 telecommunications issue of New Jersey Lawyer Magazine. Mr. Meese is also the Editor of the Land Use Citator, a compendium of laws, regulations and judicial decisions that impact real estate development which is published annually by the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education.

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        • Transportation/Maritime/Admiralty Law

          The dynamic and changing field of transportation law has an enormous impact on all business interests that rely on the movement of goods throughout the country and throughout the world. Whether by truck, ship, rail or air, the transportation of goods is a significant cost factor in any commercial enterprise.

          Our Transportation Law Group, which is headed by William D. Bierman has substantial experience in representing major carriers and shippers in all modes of interstate and foreign transportation. Mr. Bierman is a recognized transportation expert who regularly lectures throughout the U.S. and has published numerous articles on transportation issues.

          Our firm also provides legal services for insurance interests, transportation brokers, freight forwarders, and third party intermediaries as well as transportation logistics companies and non-vessel operating common carriers. Our attorneys have experience and concentrate on the following transportation-related areas:

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We understand that in all areas of the law there is one thing that clients look for above all else in dealing with their attorneys: guidance. Our attorneys listen to your objectives and provide the knowledge and understanding necessary for you to make the best decisions. With your vision and our guidance we believe that there is a clear common goal: success.

We offer our clients the convenience of three different offices located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, White Plains, New York, and Newark, New Jersey.