Family Law

Our family law practice includes: Divorce and spousal support, custody and child support, mediation and collaborative law, and domestic violence among others.

The headlines are everywhere: “Mom jailed for refusing to vaccinate child.” Outrage and confusion may have been a common sentiment for anyone reading such a headline without delving further into the story. Those who actually read past the headlines, however, quickly realized that the controversial issue of vaccination (or lack thereof) was not the root […]

(Weisberger v. Weisberger, ___ AD3d ___, 2017 NY Slip Op 06212 [2017].) Today, culturally diverse and “interfaith” households are commonplace. While religious acceptance can raise some questions even within intact families, tensions may grow deeper when a parent’s individual religious values evolve over time. What if parents once had an understanding as to the role […]

Whose Ring Is It Anyway?

Hearts, doilies, and roses are everywhere you look. Emails selling romantic prix fixe specialty dinners for two clog your inbox. An eternal loop of diamond ring commercials have taken over your regular television programming. If it looks sparkly and smells like chocolate and roses, Valentine’s Day is looming and you are officially in the thick […]