Franchise Law

The attorneys at Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, PC, are experienced franchise attorneys who are called upon to represent franchisees on a regular basis. During the business formation phase, our clients often review all options available to them which includes joining a franchise or distributorship that has a nationally recognized brand. For the franchisee or distributee this brings an already established marketing, name recognition, and customer base. Obviously, it is enticing to start with an established name on day one simply by signing an agreement with a franchisor or distributor, but it just as important that our client is fully familiar with all of the potential issues, such as fees, brand standards, quality assurance controls, and other rights and obligations that come with such a relationship.

Michael Orozco provided a continuing legal education seminar on franchise law through the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education.  The CLE is currently available through the NACLE on the website or by clicking this link: