Edward Purcell Speaks on the “Ins and Outs” of the Open Public Records Act for the Paralegal Association of New Jersey

On May 17th, Edward Purcell, Esq., Of Counsel, spoke to the Paralegal Association of New Jersey (“PANJ”) on the “ins and outs” of New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”). OPRA is an important tool for obtaining government documents in New Jersey. As part of his presentation, Ed discussed what kinds of records can be requested via OPRA, what public entities are subject to OPRA, and how to draft an OPRA request that won’t be denied. Mr. Purcell also discussed how paralegals can try to work with OPRA custodians to ensure that their requests are fulfilled. It was an interesting discussion and Mr. Purcell enjoyed giving the presentation immensely. Thank you to Jessica Resnick who is a trustee of PANJ, and is a paralegal at Price Meese, P.C., for the invitation!