Slip and Falls

Premises liability is one of the broader areas of law as it can encompass numerous different kinds of accidents. This type of law basically gives property owners and managers the responsibility for maintaining their property. In certain instances it can entail not only maintenance of the property, but also maintenance of the actions of others while on their property. Premises liability cases involve various types of accidents that occur due to a form of negligence, resulting in injuries. Examples of premises liability injuries are slip and fall accidents, inadequate or negligent security, or dog attacks.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report in 2014, there were nearly two million violent crimes reported nationwide out of nearly six million reported total crimes. Tens of thousands of these violent crimes were reported in New Jersey alone.

When victims are injured or killed as a result of these violent attacks and these attacks could have been prevented by the entity responsible for supervision of the premises where the attack occurred then this is considered in New Jersey to be a negligent security or premises liability case. This area of law applies to owners of businesses such as hotels, malls, casinos, bars, supermarkets, as well as homes, apartments and other buildings, and public areas such as parking lots.

Often times it is during or after the police and prosecutors office investigates and prosecutes the attackers or Defendants that a civil suit against the culpable business entity, landlord or responsible party is brought in the courts. Liability arises when crime victims suffer injuries from violent attacks, sexual assaults, or robberies due to poor lighting, inadequate surveillance or security.


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