White Collar Crimes and Regulatory Investigations

For a very long time white collar crimes enjoyed the perception that, with purely monetary harms and enough money to throw at the case, an accused could avoid jail time or, at worst, find themselves in some ‘country club’ jail that serves catered meals and wine. Though this was never truly the case, there was a time where law enforcement was less inclined to pursue criminal conduct when the injury was mostly, or purely, monetary and there were other remedies available such as regulatory or civil proceedings. Now, whether it is $15,000 in the alleged theft of funds from an employer or $38,000,000 in funds obtained through mortgage fraud, law enforcement uses the prosecution of white collar crimes as a means to incarcerate, seize substantial assets, and eventually force forfeiture of those assets. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist you or your loved ones against the following charges:

Money Laundering Securities Fraud
Mail Fraud Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Wife Fraud Asset Forfeiture
Health Insurance Fraud Governmental Benefit Fraud
Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Tax Fraud
Insurance Fraud Environmental Crimes
In both federal and state court the consequences and sentences imposed have increased dramatically. In both federal and state court the alleged monetary amount stolen or misappropriated is the most substantial factor in the sentence received. Our first priority, however, is determining what defenses are available and whether or not there are legitimate legal arguments which can sometimes completely remove the allegation of fraud.

By making the charges conspiratorial, law enforcement will often charge numerous peripheral or ‘ignorant’ members of the conspiracy in order to reach their primary target. Both federal and state criminal laws dealing with all types of insurance, industry specific rules and regulations and the related licensing of professionals, etc., are becoming increasingly complicated and constantly expanded, significantly outpacing other criminal codes.

White collar crimes are also often part of regulatory or administrative investigations that attach to a defendant’s professional licenses. Typically, these cases will involve more paperwork evidence then eyewitness testimony. If you have already plead guilty or been found guilty after a trial agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Internal Revenue Service, Board of Medical Examiners, etc., will then move to take action against a defendant which could result in suspensions or permanent license revocation, including lifetime bans from even affiliating with certain industries. Our attorneys have represented doctors, nurses, lawyers, medical practices, insurance brokers, real estate agents, and securities advisors before numerous administrative and regulatory agencies with outstanding results. We will often advise our clients on two fronts, criminal charges and regulatory proceedings, with an eye towards resolutions that minimally impact their future earning capacity and ability to be gainfully employed. We understand that many clients have studied for years and their gifts should not be permanently cast aside based upon one mistake. Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation.


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