Federal Criminal Defense

Federal charges are the most difficult to defend against for a number of reasons. First, a person charged for violating federal criminal laws in federal court may have to defend themselves without having any bail set. (Click here to read our article on bail in federal court). Assuming they are bailed out, they next have to defend against the nearly unlimited resources that the federal government has at their disposal. Federal agents, including the FBI, DEA, and ATF will speak to anyone who will provide them with additional information on the targets of their investigations. Federal prosecutors will usually abstain from charging a target until they are sure that they have enough evidence to convict. A person charged in federal court should expect to pay more for this type of representation as it requires more experienced attorneys who have had the pleasure of taking the federal government to task at trial.

Led by Michael Orozco, our federal criminal defense team has obtained outstanding results on a regular basis for our clients. For example, in back to back jury trials in the Eastern District of New York, Michael Orozco obtained two mistrials for a client charged with threatening the lives of three federal judges. He has obtained probation for clients who were subject to upwards of 10 years in jail based upon arguments made for a downward departure due to mental conditions, an application which is granted less than 1% of the time.

From wire fraud, bank fraud, violations of the Hobbs Act, possession with intent to distribute, to securities fraud and human trafficking, our attorneys experience and knowledge of the law ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Though the vast majority of federal cases end up in pleas, our attorneys pride themselves in accepting challenges and taking federal matters to trial. With dozens of trials, both at the state and federal level, in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, our attorneys are familiar with the process from beginning to end.

We are also extremely experienced in international extraditions. Very few law firms can represent that they have been involved in numerous international criminal proceedings, let alone two that garnered huge levels of international attention. Mr. Orozco represented a defendant who fought extradition for nearly a year after being accused of killing the son of a powerful media conglomerate in Central America, as well as defendant who was accused of murdering his wife over her vast fortune and control of her numerous business enterprises. Though both clients were ultimately extradited, both were  subsequently exonerated. Prior to their extraditions our attorneys worked with foreign criminal defense attorneys in anticipation of their return to improve their chances of success.

If you or a loved one are currently charged in any federal court contact our office today.


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