State law and state regulations govern intrastate transportation of goods (even household goods) and directly impacts your rights in the event issues arise as a result of moving them from place to place             We all know that the moving and storage business is unique.             Not only are […]

           In any number of situations involving off-site premises employment, employers often require as a condition of employment that the employee agree to waive potential claims for personal injuries against the owner of the premises where the employee will be working.  Computer technicians, entertainers, security personnel and temporary help workers are […]

The following is a simple explanation of when the Lemon Laws apply, and a brief example of how our firm and this author resolved a dispute with a dealership.  The Lemon Laws are not intended to be complicated, but there are many steps that must be followed before filing a claim and it is not […]

New Jersey is among the worst states in the country when it comes to civil forfeiture laws.  Many people incorrectly assume that civil forfeiture applies to only an accused or a criminal defendant’s property.  However, civil forfeiture can occur with any type of property which is simply allegedly tied to criminal activity.  The owner does […]

The headlines are everywhere: “Mom jailed for refusing to vaccinate child.” Outrage and confusion may have been a common sentiment for anyone reading such a headline without delving further into the story. Those who actually read past the headlines, however, quickly realized that the controversial issue of vaccination (or lack thereof) was not the root […]

(Weisberger v. Weisberger, ___ AD3d ___, 2017 NY Slip Op 06212 [2017].) Today, culturally diverse and “interfaith” households are commonplace. While religious acceptance can raise some questions even within intact families, tensions may grow deeper when a parent’s individual religious values evolve over time. What if parents once had an understanding as to the role […]

Back to School Tips

TIPS FOR BATTLING BACK TO SCHOOL ANXIETY By: Michelle Krone Everyone is nervous before a new school year, some more than others. Let your child know that having butterflies is normal and soon enough he or she will settle into their new routine. In the meantime, try these tips to lessen their anxiety and get […]

Die-hard sports fans, more specifically season ticket holders, almost certainly assume that their game tickets will automatically be renewable from year to year.  As a recent federal court decision (Frager v. Indianapolis Colts, Inc., Dkt. No. 1:16-cv-632-WTL-DML (S.D. Ind. Nov. 9, 2016), aff’d, Dkt. No. 16-4183 (7th Cir. June 22, 2017)) makes clear, however, that […]

The bad news is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported that there were more than $2.3 Billion Dollars of losses from October 2013 to February 2016 from business e-mail compromise (“B.E.C.”) scams. The good news is that a simple phone call confirming the authenticity of the wire request prior to acting on it […]

By: Natalie Diratsouian Liddell v. Liddell, No. A-5186-12T3, 2017 N.J. Super. LEXIS 70 (App. Div. Jan. 9, 2017). The terms of marital settlement agreements typically govern the distribution of any real or personal property acquired during the marriage. The term “equitable distribution,” although technically not defined as an equal distribution of marital property, typically entails […]

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