Greg Meese and Ed Purcell Present the Rules of Small Wireless Facility Siting to a National Audience.

Greg Meese and Ed Purcell will be presenting a nation-wide webinar for Thomson Reuter’s West Legal Education Center entitled “Rules of the Road-Siting Small Wireless Facilities in the Public Rights-of-Way” on October 5, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. Fifth generation (“5G) wireless technology is the future of communications in the United States. Small wireless facilities, located in every city’s public right-of-way, will be needed to roll out these new 5G services. Siting these facilities and obtaining local approvals can be costly and time-consuming. This seminar will provide a legal overview with respect to the federal law related to siting small wireless facilities in the municipal right-of-way. Attendees will also gain some practical tips related to obtaining these approvals.

A link to sing up for this webinar is below.