Ed Purcell Co-Moderates Oxford Style Debate on the First Amendment in Somerville’s Historic Courthouse for Law Day.

On May 2nd Ed Purcell co-moderated an oxford style debate in celebration of Law Day. The debate, which took place in Somerville’s historic courthouse and was hosted by the Somerset County Bar Association, and was meant to foster an interesting discussion on the first amendment. It succeeded. The motion was “Resolved, the Right to Free Speech is More Important than Public Safety.” Alexander Shalom, Esq. and Rebecca Uwakwe, Esq. (both ACLU-NJ Attorneys) argued for the motion and Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq. (NJ State Bar Association President) and Michael H. Robertson (Former Somerset County Prosecutor) argued against. Both sets of attorneys did an excellent job and Mr. Purcell, along with his co-moderator Steve Warner, Esq., sought to foster the discussion with the public. In sum, it was a very enjoyable and intellectually stimulating event, both for the presenters and the public.