Foreclosure Law

Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio's experienced mortgage foreclosure staff handles all facets of foreclosure law, from mortgage review work and initial demand letters through the resale of the mortgagor’s land. The Firm’s outstanding paralegal staff assists our foreclosure professionals in every stage of the process to ensure that all areas of concern are addressed effectively and expediently.


Experienced real estate attorneys perform a thorough review of title at the onset of default to ensure that the client’s position will be superior to every lien on the property. These efforts provide clear title at the time of resale and permit the transaction to close without delay.


The foreclosure of real estate occasionally arises from an insolvent mortgagor. Our foreclosure attorneys are also qualified bankruptcy practitioners, with extensive courtroom experience before the Federal District Court.


Additionally, through the use of specialized computer software and proven office procedures developed over many years of practice, we are able to provide timely status reports, issue reminders and updates to our clients on demand. We are proud of our ability to achieve fast and accurate results that require other Firms many months to obtain.


When a New Jersey foreclosure is uncontested, we are typically able to conclude the matter in less than ten months. We recently completed a foreclosure sale in Somerset County, New Jersey, within eight months from the filing of the complaint. In contested cases, our attorneys have the experience necessary to obtain dismissal of most issues as well as familiarity with court procedures to achieve expedited results.


Members of the Firm have been recognized for their efforts, on behalf of developers and others, in achieving a balance between land use and the environment. These efforts result in the preservation and enhancement of the value of property, fulfillment of the reasonable expectations of the community, and the timely receipt of development approvals.

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